im chinita

im chinita

isnt it beautiful?

A whole new world has waitin’

"I will break these chains that binds me
happiness will find me
Leave the past behind me
today my life begins ” -  bruno mars

I miss this three…

I miss this three…


Sonnier’s Neon Chandeliers

Keith Sonnier was one of the first light sculptors in the 1960s, and has been among the most successful.

His latest exhibition, Lichtblicke I, is currently at the BMW Museum in Munich, in collaboration with Häusler Contemporary, through July 25.

Sometimes, I just need someone who can cheer me up, make me feel okay and tell me that everything’s gonna be alright.
Spending my days and nights just thinking if you
How you make me wanna smile with the things that you do
When will I hear you say, love is coming on your way
And that you start to feel the same
Coz’ every day, every night, I keep looking at the skies
And I’ll pray that someday you will wake up in my arms
And love will never end
We belong together, always and forever
- julie anne san jose
What do you think :-/ ?

What do you think :-/ ?